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Summer camps for teenagers 14 to 17 years

3 Reasons why we love Windsurfing Champion, Lena Erdil

Lena Erdil is our windsurf girl of the season! Born in Turkey and raised in Germany, she started to windsurf at the young age of only two, before becoming the Turkish junior champion when she was 15 years old. Since then her windsurfing career has gone from strength to strength competing in windsurfing competitions and championships all over the world.

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How to overcome an embarrassing moment

You know that feeling when you’ve done or said something embarrassing that you instantly regret? When your cheeks flush with colour and you wish the ground would swallow you up to save you from your embarrassment…Yes? Well we do too! The truth is everyone makes mistakes or has embarrassing moments from time to time – everyone – so follow our handy tips to overcoming embarrassment.

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3 reasons why kitesurfing is the best sport for girls

Year after year our kitesurf summer camps are attracting more and more teenage girls to Tarifa. Kitesurfers are some of the coolest girls around like to name a few Annelous Lammerts, Bruna Kajiya and Annabel van Westerop – check them out to get inspired! Tarifa is one of the world’s top places for kitesurfing so there is no better place to learn this awesome sport. Check out our reasons for why kitesurf is the best sport for teenage girls!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Awesome Girls!

A new year means new beginnings! January is a time of reflection, girls like us are often filled with hope to make the new year the best yet. And without sounding too corny – there’s no reason why 2018 can’t be! The team here at Lenguaventura have had many years to work on ourselves and come up with resolutions to make the years happier as time goes on, so we thought we’d share some with you here! Here’s to a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy heart in 2018!

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